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Building Relationship Versatility – Social Styles At Work

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Program Overview

Why do you connect easily and quickly with some people, and find others more difficult? More than 2 million people already know why!

In every organisation – there is a hidden diversity, the diversity of social styles. Building Relationship Versatility: (BRV) is built around a four-quadrant Social Styles matrix. Leveraging Social Style differences can lead to more effective collaboration, productive relationships, and greater productivity and business results.

This 2-day workshop is followed by a 3-month extended learning engagement that helps participants practice and apply the skills learned in the session to their real life workplaces.

How does it work?

After being profiled, participants are assigned a Social Style, interpersonal versatility rating, and specific versatility behaviours. During the workshop they learn how to identify others' Social Styles and, based on understanding their own and others' style, learn to modify their own behaviours to communicate more easily and effectively with others.

You’ll Learn to

  1. Build effective, trust-based relationships with multiple stakeholders and become their trusted advisor.
  2. Create more focused and productive teams and gain commitment, rather than compliance, to your ideas.
  3. Be able to adapt behaviour to match others’ behaviour; improve versatility to build better relationships and influence others.
  4. Cultivate result-oriented versatility skills that help improve your ability to work effectively with others. Better able to build productive relationships and handle conflict.

Who should attend?

Open to professionals in the field of Sales, Human Resources, Learning & Development, frontline staff and personnel from related fields. Individuals holding managerial or leadership positions in the above-mentioned fields may also apply.

Insurance Brokers, Relationship Managers and Advisers looking to earn Continuing Professional Development Units – BRV is recognised by the National Insurance Brokers Association and has been awarded 10 CPDs for the 2 day program.

Fee and Important dates

Programme Date: 12-13th October | Sydney

Programme Fee: $1,525 + GST | Registration deadline: 30st Sept 2017

For quick registration and bulk discounts
          call: +61 2 9232 4124

-Enrolments open only until seats last.
-Payment to be made on or before specified dates.

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