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Une grande banque régionale améliore les interactions entre le siège et les directeurs des succursales.

Major Regional Bank Improves Interactions Between Main Office and Retail Branch Leaders

Business Issue:

A regional bank—with 1,000 full-service branches, $97 billion in assets, and 16,000 employees—sought to improve the results of marketing, business development, and retail branch teams. Specifically, they wanted to focus on improving interactions between the main office support staff and retail branch leaders.


Wilson Learning worked with the organization to identify the five primary skill areas critical to successful interactions between office support staff and retail branch leaders. Programmes that helped them develop these skills included The Consultative Process and Negotiating to Yes.


By partnering with Wilson Learning, the company has equipped their home office support staff with these five important skills, resulting in increased clarity and understanding in communications, improved motivation for branches to execute strategy, and increased business results.

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