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Le coaching des commerciaux permet aux entreprises d’augmenter leur chiffre d’affaire de 13%, leur bénéfice brut de 13% et leur efficacité commerciale de 40%.

Sales Coaching Helps Organisation Grow Revenue 13%, Gross Profit 13%, And Sales Effectiveness 40%

Business Issue:

A major distributor and marketer of Maintenance Repair and Operations (MRO) products and supplies needed to improve the sales effectiveness of several of their brands, without losing the considerable customer confidence and intimacy for each brand. The individual brands and the organisation as a whole lacked a common sales process, sales language, and skill model.


To consolidate and propagate best practises from all brands and channels of a large and diverse national sales force, the organisation turned to Wilson Learning. Wilson Learning introduced an elegantly simple and powerfully cost-effective solution: Coaching for Sales Performance. The programme was delivered to 160 sales managers, who in turn applied the programme’s concepts, skills, and tools in coaching and supporting to a sales force of more than 800 sales professionals. The solution included coaching support tools for planning new actions and tracking performance, and tools to keep performance goals at the forefront for both the sales manager and the individual sales professional. The sales force was also surveyed to measure the frequency and effectiveness of coaching by sales management.


By implementing a uniform practice of sales management coaching to a diverse national sales force, the MRO distributor and marketer achieved a 40% improvement in sales effectiveness. The initiative also helped the company achieve a 13% increase in both revenue and gross profit. This quick initial performance improvement allowed the sales force to recognise the value and effectiveness of working closely with sales management.

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