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Enhancing Sales Performance Through Negotiation Skills

Enhancing Sales Performance Through Negotiation Skills

Business Issue:

A large U.S. environmental services company that provides services such as hazardous waste disposal and site cleanup to industrial clients was planning to initiate a new business strategy. Management recognized that the new strategy would result in increased pricing to their clients and could have a major impact on customer loyalty. It was essential that their salespeople be able to navigate these price increases and help their clients see additional value in the company’s services.


Negotiating to Yes was implemented in the context of a broader performance improvement initiative with an emphasis on effectively negotiating the new pricing while maintaining long-term customer relationships. Prior to the workshop, salespeople identified specific, important sales opportunities to focus on; during the workshop, they developed negotiation strategies for each of these sales opportunities. Following the workshop, salespeople received tips and reminders over 12 weeks to reinforce the use of the skills, and sales leaders provided one-on-one coaching to address problem areas. This high level of manager involvement, which extended far beyond the two-day training workshop, significantly contributed to their exceptional results.


Negotiating to Yes had a positive impact on the company’s performance. It supported the company’s strategic initiatives and contributed to the increase in salespeople’s productivity. Customers remained loyal and believed in the additional value offered in the company’s services, despite the price increase. Salespeople attributed approximately a 53% increase in revenue as a result of their new negotiating skills.

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