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Speed-to-Proficiency Dramatically Boosts Software Company's Revenue 31%

Speed-to-Proficiency Dramatically Boosts Software Company's Revenue 31%

Business Issue:

To significantly grow the organization, a software company decided to provide sales training to a critical sales channel: value-added resellers (VARs). The company recognized this training need for a solution-selling approach applied to the significant number of channel sales employees new to the company and/or industry. Increasing speed-to-proficiency required a focus on the company's products, processes, and customer industries, all in this context of solution selling.


To maximize time to proficiency in selling their solutions, the company designed a new onboarding process. They engaged Wilson Learning to create a comprehensive learning system, comprised of pre-work and e-learning product training, a core three-day program, and a post manager support and reinforcement program. Additionally, a highly interactive Team Challenge exercise gave participants the opportunity to apply their newly acquired skills in a simulation activity.


A 4:1 return on investment with a 31% increase in business was attributed to the training. Over 75% of participants indicated they created new business opportunities as a result of the program.

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