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Local Dealership for Global Industrial Equipment Manufacturer Increase Sales Revenues by Nearly 30%

Local Dealership for Global Industrial Equipment Manufacturer Increase Sales Revenues by Nearly 30%

Business Issue:

A national dealership network for a global industrial equipment manufacturer recognised the need to build on the success of its already well-performing sales team. They sought to establish consistent processes and language across the business to enable more effective coaching and support from the sales leadership team.


Wilson Learning’s Counsellor Salesperson (CSP) methodology was selected as the core solution implemented by the client. The programme was conducted over a period of 90 days, commencing with the use of a multi-rater customer feedback instrument, the Customer Relationship Inventory, after which all sales and sales management staff participated in a series of 3-day CSP workshops. Wilson Learning’s Extended Learning System provided follow-up tips, tools, and reinforcement to programme participants, as well as sales manager coaching support. The programme culminated with an Impact Evaluation to gather information from participants on the effectiveness of the learning experience, use of CSP skills and techniques in their work, and the impact of the skill use on their sales results.


The national dealership network attributed an increase of 29.98% in sales revenues directly to the application of the Counsellor Salesperson skills. Sales managers reported significant improvements across all areas. The greatest positive change was the sales team’s ability to reduce relationship tension with clients, while using questioning techniques to reach clear agreement on clients’ challenges before making solution recommendations. The dealer network has seen a 72% increase in new business opportunities as a direct result of:

  • Establishing greater levels of trust with clients
  • Understanding and meeting customer needs
  • Being better prepared to address client concerns and questions

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