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Une entreprise de services de santé fonde une Université d’entreprise pour délivrer à l’échelle internationale une formation au leadership cohérente

Health-care Company Builds Corporate University to Deliver Consistent Leadership Training Globally

Business Issue:

A health-care company was building a corporate university to ensure global delivery of consistent leadership and individual effectiveness training. It was important for them to invest in continuous learning and development for all employees; they wanted to create a workplace that encouraged growth, enriched employees' professional experiences and met the needs of a dynamic marketplace.


Wilson Learning designed and implemented three leadership programmes, each one targeted toward a different level of leadership. The programmes built upon one another, focusing on the competencies important to the corporation. The skills and tools communicated in the programme supported and worked in concert with an existing performance management system. Programmes were localised and rolled out globally. Wilson Learning also provided several individual effectiveness programmes to the corporation.


The leadership programmes provided a common language and a consistent approach to leadership. The management programmes have been so well-received that even in the absence of firm return on investment (ROI) data, Wilson Learning is now the sole provider of the organisation's leadership content globally.

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