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Une entreprise technologique internationale développe plus de 700 consultants techniques dans le monde entier

Global Technology Company Develops More Than 700 Technical Consultants Around The World

Business Issue:

A global technology organisation has a large population of technical consultants that were extremely knowledgeable and well-versed in product knowledge, but lacked the skills necessary to work consultatively with their clients. The firm decided to invest in developing these invaluable technical consultants by strengthening their interpersonal and consulting skills.


Wilson Learning implemented The Consultative Process to teach technical consultants how to build client relationships and develop compelling solutions aligned to their clients' needs.

For many years, this programme was delivered in a traditional classroom setting. However, in 2009, the client was challenged by shrinking travel budgets and a globally dispersed workforce. Wilson Learning responded by developing a virtual classroom version of The Consultative Process—a live-facilitated classroom experience—delivered via virtual classroom technology.


The virtual workshop is in high demand across the organisation. Over 700 consultants have strengthened their interpersonal skills and are better equipped to meet their clients' business needs as a result of this programme.

The virtual format has enabled the organisation to train their global workforce in a way that is cost effective and greatly reduces travel expenses. The programme has been delivered to consultants throughout the Americas, Europe and Asia.

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