Wilson Learning Helping People and Organizations

About Wilson Learning

Our work with thousands of organizations has taught us that every organization is uniquely shaped by its history, culture, mission, values, lore, leadership, and, ultimately, its people. Every organization has a pulse.

For 50 years, Wilson Learning has partnered with organizations around the world to consult, assess, design, develop, deliver, reinforce, and sustain learning solutions, fueled by our passion and vision for “Helping People and Organizations Achieve Performance with Fulfillment.”

Our broad reaching capabilities include:

  • Providing learning services that help address human performance needs, including performance consulting, instructional design, customization, and flexible delivery of learning solutions using every available modality
  • Leveraging the wellspring of our Intellectual Property to produce double-digit percentage performance improvement in salesforces, workforces, and leadership ranks
  • Bringing our implementation “know-how, can do, and will do” expertise to every learning initiative to fully engage key stakeholders and provide transformational learning that is recognized, reinforced, and sustained
  • Employing our global presence to meet your needs for consistent learning solutions around the world, ensuring local and cultural adaptation while working in over 50 countries and 30 languages