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Working in a Changing Environment

Today's business environment is challenging and fast paced, requireing employees to be flexible and see opportunities for innovation. Change, however, often has a negative impact on individuals. They can become frustrated or frozen, lose sight of what they do on a daily basis, and push back and resist change initiatives. The result is employees quickly become reactive rather than proactive and lose the speed and adaptability that won customers in the first place. Organizations need to help employees manage their emotions and see change in positive, energizing terms.


Creating a Culture Of Engagement

Creating a Culture of Engagement is a highly interactive two-day instructor-led experience that teaches leaders to increase employee engagement and strengthen teams, leading to tangible business results. This active learning session is hands-on and process-oriented. The focus is on what the organization needs to do, as well as what individual leaders need to do, to create collaborative teams and a culture of engagement. 詳しくはこちらへ

Working in Challenging Times™

Working in Challenging Times™ is a one-day program that incorporates concepts and application for committing one's own discretionary energy on implementing company strategy. Participants learn to understand and manage their own reactions and self-talk about changed events. They develop a sense of personal accountability for realizing the positive potentialities in the change. The focus is on moving forward—both as an individual and in dialogue with coworkers. 詳しくはこちらへ