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Prospecting and Territory Management

Well-prepared, experienced sales professionals do not waste time calling on weak prospects. Their solution is to identify the strongest prospects first by adopting a strategy focused on quality rather than quantity. By investing a little more time upstream, the yield downstream is not just a larger number of prospects, but a larger number of good prospects. These prospects are not only more likely to buy, they are more likely to buy from you. The secret? Find the customers who meet two simple criteria: they are good for you, and you are good for them. Companies meeting these criteria have a high probability of being able to buy your solutions, and are also likely to receive high business value from your solutions.

When your salespeople use these criteria to select a small number of well-qualified companies to call, they will be far better able to make a credible business case for a meeting. They are more likely to be granted an appointment for a real sales call, rather than wasting their own valuable time and that of a contact who has neither the budget nor the interest required to justify a conversation.