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Interviewing for Selection

Interviewing for Selection
Interviewing for Selection

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Organizations always look to avoid the wasted efforts and high costs, which is generally estimated as 25—200 percent of annual salary, associated with making a "bad hire." To ensure they hire or promote the right person for the job, organizations need a predictive and performance-based employee selection process that links directly to business strategy.

Leading for Performance: Interviewing for Selection (LFP-IFS) is structured around the Behavioral Interview Process. This model provides the knowledge, tools, and confidence managers need to prepare for, conduct, and evaluate behavioral interviews.

The program emphasizes self-sufficiency as participants learn how to develop their own interview questions and objective, fair evaluation criteria.

Program Outcomes

Interviewing for Selection enables organizations to gain a competitive advantage by using an effective process for selecting new employees and promoting current employees. Leaders can conduct legally appropriate interviews following the Behavioral Interview Process, while avoiding the costs of hiring mistakes.


Interviewing for Selection is a one-day instructor-led module that can be facilitated by Wilson Learning or by a leader-trained in-house professional. This enables:

  • Face-to-face interaction among participants and with the facilitator
  • True-to-life skills practice with immediate in-person feedback
  • The opportunity for real-time commitment to action
Enabling Improved Performance

Interviewing for Selection features a Behavioral Interview Planner and Job Aid Card so participants can fine-tune and apply their newly acquired skills and behaviors on the job. Involving managers and training them to coach is important for successful implementation.

As an option, individual coaching or organizational consulting is also available to further support early efforts or confirm the effectiveness and legality of internally developed processes.

Measurement and Evaluation

Organizations that implement Interviewing for Selection have access to a broad range of tools to measure initial behavioral changes and business results. Wilson Learning can partner with you to investigate the results over time of improving the hiring process.

To learn more about measuring the impact of learning, visit Measurement and Evaluation Services.


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