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Learning Transfer Approach

"Other companies have . . . offered a two-day training class. What you are offering is a nine-month culture transformation with measurable behaviour change and a lot of ongoing support and reinforcement for participants and their managers."

— Director of Training and Development, Medical Equipment Company

Maximising the Impact of Learning on Performance

"Overall, we found that if an organisation implemented all of these [11] actions, they could improve the effectiveness of their learning by over 180%."
— Wilson Learning Research Study

The best workshop is only as good as the impact achieved on the job. Sadly, without the right preparation and the intentional follow-up of a sustainability plan, only 35% of new skills are typically still being used 12 months after the initial training event.

Based on years of experience and research, Wilson Learning offers a unique extended learning approach that ensures your learners are ready to learn, acquire the skills and tools they need and continue to apply and integrate the learning to deliver performance improvements.

Getting Ready to Learn . . .

Of the areas that most strongly influence the transfer of learning, learner readiness is the first key to success. Our proven extended learning approach provides your participants with pre-workshop experiential activities and information that stimulates curiosity, promotes buy-in and provides a "starter set" of tools so your learners are already engaged well before they participate in a session.

Acquiring Skills and Knowledge . . .

"OK, but how exactly do I use this?" If learning is going to transition to "real-world" application, practice, and hands—on use, it must be integral to the learning experience-not left until the end or even until the post-workshop activities. Wilson Learning instructional designers provide a variety of experiences demonstrating on-the-job application of new concepts, models, skills and tools. For example, participants might practice with realistic case studies, complete strategisers or planners with their own information and create action plans to be used in real work situations. These robust learning activities make the workshop just one of the steps they take on the way to improved performance.

Aligning the Organisation for Application, Integration and Assured Results . . .

The biggest barrier to real performance change is the simple inertia of the status quo, or "always doing what we've always done." Without mindful, engineered organisational alignment to provide positive support, the "use it or lose it" syndrome sets in. That being said, it can be difficult to enlist busy managers to act as committed and effective coaches to recognise, reinforce and/or redirect desired behaviors. They may not have time to become completely familiar with the training content and may not feel well-equipped for the coaching role.

With our approach to ensure application, usage and sustainability, Wilson Learning provides managers with reinforcement and support tools. We enable managers to stay abreast of what their people are doing and learning and provide them with coaching tips and tools for helping their people achieve increased performance by using what they have learnt.