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Developing Communication, Versatility, and Conflict Management Skills

Improving productivity, performance, and employee satisfaction are all tied to a manager's ability to build effective relationships and communicate successfully with employees. Managers must call upon strong communication skills throughout their day, whether it is speaking to a group, running a team meeting, or interacting with employees, customers, and suppliers of many cultures. Versatility is the key. A manager who is sensitive to the style of his or her employees, and takes steps to adjust his or her behavior to meet the needs of employees, will communicate more clearly and establish a more trusting relationship.


BRV バーサタイル リーダー Building Relationship Versatility™

~コンフォートゾーンを越えて、協働を推進する~  詳しくはこちらへ

Communicating with Purpose

Leading for Performance: Communicating with Purpose provides the knowledge first-line and mid-level managers need to drive more effective one-to-one business communication with employees and colleagues. This program helps organizations gain competitive advantage by teaching leaders how to communicate effectively, ensuring their employees stay informed, participate, and add value. 詳しくはこちらへ

Global Effectiveness

Global Effectiveness is based on working within the five cultural dimensions. This program will teach participants what types of behaviors to expect from certain cultures and how to prepare themselves for business interactions. Participants will learn how to turn cultural differences from an unknown liability into an asset. 詳しくはこちらへ

Managing Conflict

Leading for Performance: Managing Conflict is based on a collaborative, win-win approach called Changing the Game. The module teaches first-line and mid-level managers indispensable techniques and skills for managing conflict effectively so that conflict can be an opportunity rather than a crisis. 詳しくはこちらへ

Managing Styles In Conflict

Leading for Performance: Managing Styles in Conflict helps people learn how to interact more effectively with people of other Social Styles under stress. When people demonstrate "back-up behavior" (predictable responses to high stress), knowing what to do can be critically important. 詳しくはこちらへ

Meeting Leadership Challenges

Leading for Performance: Meeting Leadership Challenges helps managers learn how to shift their attention away from output and toward creating optimal conditions for employees in three key leadership action areas. Managers will learn how to be an effective leader, rather than an individual contributor. 詳しくはこちらへ