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Balancing Leadership and Management

Combine character-based leadership with management skills development and you have a foundation for building leaders that your employees will choose to follow. Character-based or Essence Leadership refers to what is at the core—those qualities of a leader that are driven from the purpose, values, beliefs, and vision. Management skills or Form refer to the skills and actions that demonstrate leadership competencies and often are driven by organizational rules and policies. While both Essence and Form are important, they need to be in balance. Often, if there is no integration between Essence and Form, a credibility gap appears and trust becomes an issue. Integrity is the integration between what one is and what one does—leadership and management.


LM リーダーシップマネジメント Leadership Management

メンバーの充実感と生産性を高めるリーダーシップスキル 詳しくはこちらへ

Leader Navigator: Effectiveness Insights 360™

Leader Navigator: Effectiveness Insights 360™ is a 360-degree feedback instrument that enables you to apply Wilson Learning’s Integrated Leadership Model for practical use. This assessment is easily configured to include different competencies and behaviors that best describe your leadership environment. 詳しくはこちらへ

LFG 成長のリーダーシップ Leading For Growth

全員120%戦力化!協働の場を生むリーダーシップ 詳しくはこちらへ

LFW リーダーシップバイタリティの創造 Leading From Within

ブレないズレない信頼されるリーダーの基盤とは?~信頼感とエネルギーの源~ 詳しくはこちらへ

Meeting Leadership Challenges

Leading for Performance: Meeting Leadership Challenges helps managers learn how to shift their attention away from output and toward creating optimal conditions for employees in three key leadership action areas. Managers will learn how to be an effective leader, rather than an individual contributor. 詳しくはこちらへ