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Leadership Character: The Essence of Leadership

Leadership Character is comprised of values, characteristics, and clarity of purpose. It is expressed in consistency of behavior—the degree to which a leader's actions match his or her words.

Character is more critical as one moves toward higher levels of leadership, because people need a leader who is clearly grounded in what he or she stands for, especially in times of change. With so many factors disrupting the work environment today, leaders with a well-developed sense of who they want to be as a leader can provide stability—the consistency of purpose and values that employees need to remain focused and on task, regardless of the level in the organization.

Most leadership development programs focus only on the "Form"—the skills, tasks, and behaviors. The Wilson Learning difference is we not only excel at equipping leaders with strong skills, but we also challenge them to reflect and think critically about their character, values, and beliefs about themselves and their organization. As a result, leaders are better prepared to connect with their direct reports, peers, and senior leaders. This connection enables them to engage and inspire others to execute strategy, innovate, and create the conditions for both high performance and high levels of professional fulfillment.