Maximizing Global Versatility

Maximizing Global Versatility
Maximizing Global Versatility

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Leveraging Differences for Breakthrough Practices
Facilitated Webcast Module

Businesses big and small are participating in the global marketplace. In fact, an employee need not travel across the ocean to experience different cultures and ways of life; cultural differences are present within national boundaries. In order for business relationships to run smoothly, it is becoming more important for every member of an organization to be able to work effectively with people from other cultures. Wilson Learning applies cutting-edge virtual learning technology to help employees build the skills and understanding to work with cultural differences, enabling them to avoid misunderstandings and maximize effectiveness.

Maximizing Global Versatility greatly impacts teams and individuals who work with colleagues, customers, or suppliers from other cultures. Participants develop new insights into individual behaviors and preferences in five cultural dimensions. Participants learn what types of behaviors to expect from certain cultures and how to prepare for intercultural business interactions. As participants understand each of the five dimensions, they begin to see stereotypes differently and become more effective in their business interactions.

Participants use the Global Skills Toolkit during and after the session to profile personal and team preferences in each of the five dimensions and to determine how to adapt to the differences to interact more effectively.

Program Outcomes

Individuals who attend this module will learn to appreciate and adapt to cultural differences so they become more savvy in their intercultural interactions and more effective at conducting business across cultures. Maximizing Global Versatility turns cultural differences from an unknown liability into an asset.


Implemented as a two-hour virtual session, it leads participants to an appreciation of cultural differences and likely causes of misunderstanding so they are better equipped to work productively with colleagues and customers across the globe.

As a result of this module, participants will understand:

  • The influences that create patterns of behavior
  • That some differences can be observed, while others originate from hidden needs and expectations
  • Cultural characteristics that can be used to increase global versatility

This offering, like all others from Wilson Learning, can be customized to reflect your leadership environment and business priorities and can be integrated with your sales processes.

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