Leveraging Discretionary Energy

Discretionary Energy
Discretionary Energy

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Meeting the Challenge of Change
Facilitated Webcast Module

To remain competitive, organizations are constantly responding to marketplace demands and execute new initiatives. Implementing new strategies requires change, and change requires teams to be fully engaged and energized. However, change often results in employees and team members who become frustrated or frozen, losing sight of what they do on a day-to-day basis. In response, team leaders quickly become reactive rather than proactive, often not knowing how to help their team see change in positive, energizing terms.

Leveraging Discretionary Energy focuses on what happens to human energy during times of change. To capture the discretionary energy of the virtual team, leaders must understand how motivation and focus can be lost, and what they and their teams can do to regain effectiveness and commitment.

The Team Resource Worksheets, used during and after the session, lead teams through the application of processes, models, and skills from this module.

Program Outcome

Leveraging Discretionary Energy will help leaders and project managers understand their role in taking charge of the change process and refocusing their team’s energy to move positively through change. The program helps leaders understand how best to support virtual teams as they experience the challenges that accompany change, as well as the impact changes have on the energy level of team members.


Implemented as a two-hour virtual session, it engages leaders and project managers in discussing and sharing practices for addressing the challenge of change. Participants build on what they have learned in earlier modules and integrate the concepts and tools in their leadership approach.

The session involves group discussion and exercises on the following topics:

  • What is normal and to be expected in change?
  • What is discretionary energy? How is it lost during change? How can it be regained?
  • What is the impact of energy loss and gain?
  • What tools can help each individual manage him/herself in change?
  • How can team members help one another take on a “potentiality” frame of mind for moving forward?

Many organizations find that virtual team members also benefit from this program, in addition to team leaders. Our facilitators skillfully adapt language and application examples to be highly relevant to leaders and team members alike.

This offering, like all others from Wilson Learning, can be customized to reflect your leadership environment and business priorities and can be integrated with your sales processes.

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