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The Fast Track to Building Real Trust

(March 27, 2013)

When I first started out, I was surprised when one of my customers representing a highly successful sales organization called me and said, “We’re going back to basics.”

Now, with nearly 10 years of consulting experience behind me, I only need to think as far back as the mesmerizing performances during the recent Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix to be reminded of what's driving the need for fundamental skilling.

At some level these incredible athletes have all had to master the basics, and it is only once they have conquered the prerequisite core skills that they integrate new and advanced actions into their repertoire, in order to develop into stronger overall performers.

In the business of racing cars, execution of each skill is critical. Take cornering, for example; to some it may seem like just another part of the race, but for an ace pilot it’s another opportunity to extract the tiny advantage that makes the difference between winning and losing.

In the ultra-competitive world of business, one of the primary requirements is “building trust.” Building trust, like cornering in an F1, is an accepted basic skill of selling. With greater trust you open the opportunity to remove roadblocks and gain access to critical information that could mean the difference between doing business and not.

Four tips that have helped me to build trusting relationships with a wide range of people are:

  1. Be Your Versatile Self
  2. Get the Personal and Business Mix Right
  3. Establish Credibility
  4. Practice, Practice, Practice!

(Learn more about the 4 tips here.)

Champion racing car drivers continually practice and revise their techniques in order to gain competitive advantage. Similarly, sales organizations and individuals need to regularly revisit sales fundamentals to sharpen their skills, gear up, and accelerate performance!

The question is – have you developed the behaviors that help build trust with others, to the extent you can confidently perform (or interact) in any situation?

About the Author
Shane Wilson

Shane Wilson

For over 5 years Shane has consulted with a wide range of businesses to provide people and performance development solutions, with a strong focus on developing leadership and sales effectiveness. Shane is driven to deliver sustainable outcomes, in high priority areas for his customers and their business. It is this customer-centric intent, combined with a proven ability to attain results, that has seen Shane become a "valued member of the team" for many of the organizations he works with.

Previously Shane has held sales leadership responsibilities and managed local and global client relationships across a broad spectrum of industries. Shane holds a commerce degree from the University of Wollongong, majoring in human resources.

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