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New & Updated Leadership & Workforce Offerings

What's New at Wilson Learning
Creating a Culture of Engagement

In this highly interactive, process-oriented experience, leaders learn how to increase employee engagement and strengthen teams, leading to tangible business results. Participants will learn what they must do to create the five elements of an engagement culture—opportunity, personal accountability, connectedness, inclusion, and validation—in their own team and organization. Learn More.

Watch the Video on Global Effectiveness
Global Effectiveness

Businesses big and small are participating in the global marketplace, and cultural differences are everywhere. Many business opportunities are lost due to cultural misunderstandings. By equipping leaders and individuals with the appropriate knowledge, those costly mistakes can be avoided. Global Effectiveness has been updated for leadership based on the competencies needed to be competitive in today’s marketplace. This program teaches participants the behaviors to expect from certain cultures and how to prepare for business interactions. Learn More.

Leading for Growth

This program challenges managers to rethink their role as leaders, shifting their mindset from that of “heroic manager” to “growth leader.” This mindset of growth leadership creates the conditions where individuals take responsibility for the business and collaborate in implementing strategy to achieve business results. Learn More.

Leading from Within

Today, organizations need leaders with resiliency and character, who know who they are and exhibit the kind of strong leadership others will follow. As a result, we have re-invented our workshop, Leading from Within, to go beyond rote skills and process checklists. Because leadership comes from within, leaders need to examine and clearly articulate personal values, talents, contributions, and vision as the foundation of self-leadership. This workshop is for all leaders who need to examine, understand, and develop their leadership philosophy so they can become grounded, resilient leaders. Learn More.

UPFRONT: Persuasion Through Presentation

The ability to deliver a persuasive presentation has become a fundamental requirement. People need to make a powerful impact with clear, concise, and compelling presentations of their ideas. They need to craft the right message, stay alert to reactions, handle questions well, and persuasively make their point. This hands-on, results-oriented workshop has been updated with new content and exercises to make it relevant for today’s environment and technology. Participants will prepare a presentation and be recorded. The experience creates an immediate impact on one’s ability to effectively influence an audience to take action. Learn More.

New Reinforcement & Sustainment Tools

Wilson Learning’s extended learning system automates reinforcement and simplifies coaching to increase learning transfer, skill usage, and business impact. It consists of a series of learning and support messages to participants and managers with links to videos, quizzes, reinforcement activities, application tools, and coaching tips. Thirteen programs now include this powerful learning transfer system. Learn More.

New Mobile Apps
New Mobile Apps

Wilson Learning has developed web-based mobile apps for several of our Social Styles versatility programs, and one new mobile app for The Counselor Salesperson. These mobile apps make it easy to access key program-related tips on the go. Each app works on iPhones, Androids, Blackberries, and a variety of tablets.